How Dirty is Your Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Pros Mesa How Dirty Is Your Carpet?
Carpet Cleaning Pros Mesa How Dirty Is Your Carpet?

How Dirty is Your Carpet?

There are many advantages of keeping your carpet clean. Your health and how the carpet looks and smells are some of the reasons why you should keep your carpet clean. Here are some of the things that you are not aware of about dirty carpets.

Greasy Residue and Dirt

Carpets attract dirt and greasy residue. Everyday oily residue from either you or your pets is carried from outside and ends up onto your carpet. This residue locks-in dirt to your carpets, and eventually it can change the color of your carpet if left for long without cleaning. Sometimes, it can lead to stains or insightful traffic lanes which can also become permanent.

Sandy Soil

If you happen to part your carpet, you might be surprised to find sand or soil underneath your carpet that cannot be reached by vacuum cleaners. This dirt is invisible till you part your carpet, the more it piles the more it grinds your carpet away every time you walk on it.

Harboring Germs

Carpets do one thing that they are not meant to do. They act like a filter, trapping air pollutants like pollen, chemicals, cigarette smoke, residue, tar, bacteria, and even fungi. The trouble now occurs when the carpet gets “full” and it can no longer trap anything. The trapped pollutants reduce the quality of air in your home and with time it causes illness. That’s why you need professional carpet cleaning services to remove all the trapped pollutants.

More Bugs Than Your Toilet Seat

Carpets are great for homes, they add warmth and comfort, but because of all the coming in and going out, they tend to get dirty over time. All the activities that happen on the carpet make them 100 times dirtier than your toilet seat. It’s a germ hot spot.

Home of Pests and Parasites

Carpets in left without thorough cleaning for long, they can be infested with dust mites and other pests. These pests like dust mite can trigger asthma, rhinitis attacks or eczema. Quite often you might search for solutions to this conditions, but if the problem is your carpet cleaning it might be your first solution.

If you want to clean your carpet properly and remove all the dirt and germs that exist in them, it’s essential if you consider, chemical cleaning or steam cleaning. They successfully remove 97% of dirt on your carpet, and you should consider cleaning them once in six months.

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